Spooky World FAQs

YES – all guests, team members, haunt staff – ALL visitors to the property MUST wear a safety mask at all times. No safety mask, no haunt.

  • For the safety of our guests, capacity will be limited to 50% of our usual number of visitors for Spooky World.
  • To keep all customers and staff safe & to allow for a comfortable haunt experience with adequate social distancing, we have transitioned to a date and time specific ticket (Timed-Ticketing) for each of our open 18 days of Spooky World. All General and Jumbo Haunt Tickets MUST be purchased online.
  • All guests must arrive 30 minutes before their reserved time.
  • Upon arrival to the ticket booth and the Haunted Hayride, all customers will be placed in a single queue line; guests will have 6-foot distancing markers for the queue line.
  • Instead of a free-range choice, all guests will begin, during their specific time, at the Haunted Hayride, continue to The Colony, on to Brigham Manor, and finally 3D Dreamscape.
  • Upon exiting 3D Dreamscape, enter the food & beer area. This year we have doubled this space in size for your enjoyment, safety & social distancing.
  • The Haunted Hayride will be divided into 8 different compartments on top of the wagon to keep customers social distanced from one another. The hand rails on top of the wagon will be sanitized in between every ride.
  • All haunted attractions and the hayride will be sprayed with disinfectant after every show.
  • All customers will be required to wear a safety mask at all times throughout the haunted attractions. Spooky World has a “No Mask, No Haunt” policy.
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed at the beginning and end of every haunted attraction.
  • All employees (including actors) will be required to wear masks at all times.
  • All actors will be set up in scare zones at least 6 feet away from customers at all times.
These items are subject to change as State and Federal authorities may mandate different safety measures that Spooky World will comply with at all times.

The management staff at Spooky World believes this plan will provide for a safe experience for both the actors/employees as well as the patrons.

Our set up is well designed and allows for safety and appropriate social distancing for all guests. The Haunted Hayride wagons will be divided in to 8 different compartments. The constructions, on the top of each wagon bed, is made of a wooden frame & clear plastic barrier. Customers will be placed on-board in a compartment with their specific group of friends/family only. The handrails and top of each hay wagon will be sanitized between every ride.

General Admission Ticket includes one-time access to all four haunted attractions and a FREE Spooky World Safety Mask (while supplies last). The value of the Spooky World Mask is $5.00.

Our JUMBO HAUNT PASS moves you straight to the front of the line during your assigned fright time and includes UNLIMITED Go-Karts, Mini-Golf, & Batting Cages.

The Jumbo Haunt Pass also includes a special edition Spooky World safety mask (valued at $5.00) and allows you to go through all four haunted attractions a second time during the night of your visit. The ticket booth fright team will assist you with available time slots.

*Please note, Go-Karts close one-half hour after the Ticket Booth closes for the evening. Friday nights, Go-Karts close at 11:30pm // Saturday nights, Go-Karts close at 12 midnight // Sunday nights, Go-Karts close at 10:30 pm.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and keeping patrons safely socially distanced from one another; this year, we are offering the Jumbo Haunt Pass in lieu of the VIP Ticket.

Yes - depending on the availability of another time slot, you may go through the Haunted Attractions a second time! At the end of your first visit to all 4 haunted attractions, return to the Main Ticket Booth. Join the VIP / Jumbo Haunt Pass line. At the ticket booth your wristband will be removed and you will be given a new band and time-slot (as long as a slot is available). PLEASE NOTE – do not remove your band before coming to the ticket booth.

Yes - a General Ticket may be upgraded to a Jumbo Haunt Pass at check in or after you have gone through the Haunted Attractions.

Haunted Attractions open at 7:00 pm

Mel’s Funway Park Hours --
Friday Nights we open Funway Park at 5:00 pm
Saturday & Sundays we open Funway Park at 3:00 pm
Main Ticketbooth hours: Friday from 6:00 to 11:00 pm
Saturday from 6:00 to 11:00 pm
Sunday from 6:00 to 10:00 pm

All tickets for Spooky World presents Nightmare New England should be purchased online. To purchase - CLICK HERE – where you may select your data and timed ticket.

After parking - ALL tickets must be scanned/checked-in at the Ticketbooth (or Arcade Building before 6:00 pm) BEFORE entrance to the Haunted Attractions or Funway Park activities. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.

Ticket Redemption: Before 6:00 pm - Please head to the tall red Arcade Building located next to the Go-Kart Track - you can't miss it!

After 6:00 pm - the Main Ticketbooth hours follow:
Friday nights – 6:00 to 11:00 pm
Saturday nights – 6:00 to 11:00 pm
Sunday nights – 6:00 to 10:00 pm

The number of Jumbo Haunt Passes is restricted each night of the season. In order to be guaranteed a Jumbo Haunt Pass, we strongly suggest early purchase online.

Haunted attractions remain open for 1 hour after the Ticketbooth closes.

Yes, please!

General Admission Tickets and Jumbo Haunt Passes MUST BE "checked-in" at the Ticket booth or in the Arcade Building BEFORE entrance to the haunted attractions. This season, all tickets have a SPECIFIC date & SPECIFIC time for guests enjoying Spooky World.

Before 6:00pm-- Please head to our Arcade Building located next to the Go-Kart Track. The tall red building–you can't miss it!

After 6:00pm-- Please head to our General Ticketbooth located behind the Laser Plex Building.

Please note, if you are interested & there are still available Jumbo Haunt Passes Tickets, you may upgrade your General Ticket in the Arcade Building (BEFORE 6:00pm) or the General Ticket Booth (AFTER 6:00pm) the night of your visit.

Yes! We are open if it rains. We offer free rain ponchos while supplies last!

Should there be severe, unsafe weather conditions, we will update our website and Facebook page after 2:00 pm on Show Days.

It may take an hour to an hour and a half to go through all of our haunted attractions. Plan on an evening filled with fun & fright!

Follow our Facebook page and sign up for our e-mail list for special offers and information.

When purchasing tickets online – required for the 2020 season – we accept most major credit cards with the exception of AMEX. If upgrading your ticket on-site, AMEX is accepted.

Yes. If you are faint of heart and looking for some fun, fear not, we have something for you.

Prior to the entrance of the Haunted Hayride – where guests partaking the haunted attractions will begin their evening – we have an open area with picnic tables & concession stands.

Also, please join us for Mel’s Funway Park activities:
Go-karts – Mini Golf – Batting Cages.

We leave the decision to the parents as they know their children best and are able to decide what a child can or cannot handle. However, there is blood, gore, scares, and characters that may frighten children (some adults for that matter!) –Keep in mind, no refunds are given.

Yes, we do have an attraction where you may be shocked by electricity.

Yes, some scenes contain strobe lights. Signs are posted outside each attraction that contains strobe lights.

The monsters/characters are NOT allowed to touch in the haunted attractions or surrounding areas. We ask, too, that you do NOT touch the monsters or characters you encounter.

At this time, the Haunted Hayride is NOT wheelchair/handicap accessible. If you are able to climb a small set of stairs with crutches or a cane, you may access the Haunted Hayride. Our indoor attractions are accessible and have wooden floors. Our outdoor attraction is a dirt & rock path that wheelchairs may be pushed through. The walking areas between the haunted attractions are a rough terrain of wood chips, dirt, and grass. Guests who are in a wheelchair will be directed to an area at the end of the Haunted Hayride where they may meet up with their group and continue through the additional haunted attractions.

Yes, but we ask you to please use your best judgment.

Yes, we do! Alcohol is served in designated areas within the park.

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Smoking is NOT permitted in the haunted attractions in any of the queue lines of the haunted attractions or Ticketbooth area. This is strictly enforced & we thank you for complying.

Costumes are only allowed Halloween Weekend & Halloween Night. We kindly request guests do not arrive in costume during other nights of the season. During Halloween Weekend & Night, if arriving in costume, please do not carry any type of weapon, staff, cane, prop, etc. Halloween masks or face makeup is NOT allowed at any time during the season. If you arrive with face make-up, you will be asked to remove it before you are allowed entry to the park. Due to COVID-19, face masks are required and must be worn at all times while at the park.

You may take pictures as much as you like outside of the Haunted Attractions. There is no photography (flash or not) allowed inside any of our Haunted Attractions. Feel free to share your pictures on our Spooky World and Nightmare New England Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter pages. Tag us so we can see how much you enjoyed your visit! There is no live streaming or videography allowed inside the haunted attractions.

Before exiting the park, please see the reps from the photo company to view and purchase your professional Spooky World photo. You may also find your Prisma Photo Ops photos taken by visiting Prisma Photo Ops here and using their search function.

No, we do not offer refunds. All sales are final.

Yes! Schools, colleges, universities, corporations, and special organizations may arrange trips to Spooky World presents Nightmare New England. Discounts are provided for groups of 20 or more General Admission Tickets or Jumbo Haunt Passes. To learn more or make a reservation, please contact Mike at: mike@spookyworld.com

Yes! We are proud to honor past & present men & women providing service to our country. To receive the discount code for on-line ticket purchase, please contact us at (603) 424-7999. The code given provides an $8.00 discount on tickets for Spooky World – discount is not available for our BOGO Weekend (as these tickets are already buy one get one) or for Friday, November 13th (tickets this evening are already discounted $13.00). A sincere thank you for your service!

Yes, we do! We are pleased to provide information on how your group may combine a night out and also make money for your team, school, college, or organization. To learn more about our fundraising program, please contact Mike at mike@spookyworld.com. Looking for a unique company outing or event this Fall? Our team will work with you to design a time that will be memorable and fun! Our Attractions are perfect for:

Company Groups
School Groups
College / University Groups
Special Organizations

We offer different packages and can create a night based on your needs. Experience one of Americas Largest and Most Terrifying Halloween Scream Parks To learn more or make a reservation, please contact: Mike at mike@spookyworld.com

Purchase your General Admission Ticket online. While checking in at the Ticket Booth, provide a valid ID showing your date of birth. The birthay person and one guest will be upgraded to a Jumbo Haunt Pass! Offer valid only on actual BIRTH day.

Yes, we have several sponsorship opportunities available - This is your chance to join our team!

Your company's ad and/or logo will be seen by over 70,000 people on-site from September through November.

Our website, radio advertising, direct mail, television ads and poster distribution reaches millions of people throughout New England during the Fall Season!

Banner advertisement on the Official Nightmare New England & Spooky World websites, on-site banner advertising, on-site booth rentals, and more. Room and Attraction Sponsorships Available (these are limited and on a first come first serve basis), contact Mike at mike@spookyworld.com for more information.

For media inquiries, interviews, filming/photo opportunities or press tours contact Michael at mike@spookyworld.com or 781-704-4700.

Our Mel's Funway Park attractions close 30 minutes after our ticket booth closes.

Our ticket booth hours are as follows:
Friday 6:00 – 11:00 pm
Saturday: 6:00 – 11:00 pm
Sunday: 6:00 – 10:00 pm

Yes, we have plenty of parking for all. There is a $5.00 parking fee.

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